"Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage." —Maya Angelou
Kennedy Nolan / St Kilda West House

jane mount

A Softer World: 1129
(there’s meaning as long as there’s someone to need it)
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I’m thinking about all the ways a person can break. Sometimes slowly or all at once. This has been a very slow funnel of too many feelings, compacted into so few words that after a while, don’t really mean anything because there’s no one there to listen. I’m in a huge city and still manage to feel so very alone. I feel busy at every second of every day but I feel like I’m not getting anything done. It’s too much small talk and no conversation; too much “are you ok,” and not at all wanting to know the answer.

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Mariacarla Boscono/Vogue Japan July 2003 by Nathaniel Goldberg

Break (All of the Lights) - Childish Gambino

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"Oh my God, what if you wake up some day, and you’re 65, or 75, and you never got your memoir or novel written; or you didn’t go swimming in warm pools and oceans all those years because your thighs were jiggly and you had a nice big comfortable tummy; or you were just so strung out on perfectionism and people-pleasing that you forgot to have a big juicy creative life, of imagination and radical silliness and staring off into space like when you were a kid? It’s going to break your heart. Don’t let this happen." —Anne Lamott