You & I Alone - Chuck Ragan

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A Softer World: 1084
(but it is a house you can build.)
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"They have photographed the brain and here is the picture: it is full of branches, as I always suspected. Each time you arrive, the electricity of seeing you is a huge tree lumbering through my skull, the roots waving. I touch you, and I am created in you somewhere as a complex filament of light. You rest on me and my shoulder holds your heavy unbelievable skull, crowded with radiant suns, a new planet, the people submerged in you a lost civilization I can never excavate. My hands trace the contours of a total universe — its different colors, flowers, its undiscovered animals, violent or serene, its other air, its claws, its paradise rivers." —Margaret Atwood, I Was Reading A Scientific Article 

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Drown in Blood - The Flatliners 

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"Live today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Just today. Inhabit your moments. Don’t rent them out to tomorrow." —Jerry Spinelli

A Softer World: 1086
(I’ve never been better.)
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The fine lettering
is served to you by Alex Jacques, designer, developer and photographer from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. As much as he likes creating ditgitallly he loves creating with his hands. That’s why his portoflio is full of digital letterings. His work increasingly takes inspiration from nature, from his childhood spent playing in forests to his growing interest in exploring the more natural side of America.

I’m standing in an uncomfortable place right now. I want to say that I’m in a weird or strange place, but my therapist wants me to work on my word choice. Weird and strange aren’t feelings, they’re adjectives. Uncomfortable is a feeling and I definitely feel uncomfortable. I ordered my cap and gown today and my best friend left for navy boot camp. It makes me uncomfortable to think about all the things that “could have been,” all the ways people’s lives are shaped by the decisions they aren’t ready to make. We’re the same age, you know? And I’m going to graduate college and uproot my whole life. Then again, there are people on my news feed with kids and husbands and houses. I wonder how all of them ended up where they are, where their lives will take them. I wonder where life will take me. It all makes me a little uncomfortable. 

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Ready or Not - The Fugees

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